Local Leaders

Alongside the Young Leaders programme, the Franco-British Council piloted an initiative dedicated to supporting the social mobility for young people in both countries: the Franco-British Local Leaders programme.

This programme brings talented individuals aged 20-30 from disadvantaged backgrounds who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial qualities for the benefit of their communities.

Franco-British Local Leaders

There are 35 Local Leaders who come from disadvantaged backgrounds on both sides of the Channel who are now part of the programme. Through creating a business or local political involvement to improve the living conditions of young people, they all created a positive impact on their communities and have a “success story” to tell. They all share the same goal: to develop their impact at an international level.

5 new Local Leaders were appointed in 2020.

Applications to join the Franco-British Local Leaders cohort 2021 are open until Monday 20 December. You can find out information on the application process by clicking here.

Local Leaders are required to accept the Franco-British Local Leaders Charter as part of membership on the Programme.


Christopher Amedu
Jonathan Andrews
Ilias El Gabli
Nicolas Obtel
Mariam Sohail


James Butcher
Nadia Khan
Emmanuel Kinzonki
Jordan LeGustave
Abir Msaddek
Florence Onabanjo
Shayne Tshabalala
Karim Ziabat
Jo Zell


Sarah Adel
Yanis Bacha
Karim Fadloun
Sharron Manikon
Samir Matki
Vanessa Mignan
Fabien Sindikubwabo
Jérôme Sinpaseuth


Angela Awuah
Ayoola Bakare
Ivan Beckley
Mete Coban
David Crone
James Gardiner
Hannah Graham
Patrick Kelly
Kheron Kenardo
Sarah Lusack
Tamanna Miah
Shwetal Shah
Sunil Suri