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Since the Lancaster House Treaties in 2010, the Franco-British Council has regularly organised a Defence Conference. Funded by the French and British Defence ministries and by partners in the defence sector, this annual conference brings together representatives from the most senior level of military, government, industry and academia from both sides of the Channel.

Its objectives are to forge new relationships and reinforce mutual understanding between the two countries' defence communities. Themes discussed enthusiastically at the last conference included: bilateral security cooperation after Brexit, the prospects of a shared defence culture in respect of Europe and NATO, the setting up of mutual dependency in industrial domains of sovereignty and the added value of the Franco-British partnership in the fight against terrorism. In almost a decade, the conference has established itself as a reference for the bilateral relations in the defence sector.

On September 19th and 20th 2018, the Franco-British Council will deliver its 7th Defence conference in London. Leading guests invited to speak on the state and direction of the Franco-British Defence relationships will include:

This event is supported by the UK and French Ministries of Defence and is funded by the UK Ministry of Defence together with generous commercial sponsorship from MBDA.

Strictly by invitation.