The Franco-British Young Leaders Programme

The Franco-British Young Leaders programme aims to deepen understanding and collaboration between France and the UK at the highest level through the involvement of its most talented young leaders. Its objective is to build a generation of 21st century leaders who will keep the Franco-British relations at heart, with a give back/give forward ethos at its core.

Each year, the Franco-British Council selects 30 to 40 young talented French and British individuals under 40 from from a diverse range of business, cultural, media, academic, social, government and military sectors. Joining the Young Leaders programme allows them to share their own experiences and ideas and bring their leadership qualities to the Franco-British relations. It also gives them access to a  transformational network with access to excellence on both sides of the

Announced by David Cameron and François Hollande in March 2016 at the Amiens Summit, the Franco-British Young Leaders programme is managed by the Franco-British Council in France and in the UK. It is supported by both governments and funded by generous public and private partners in both countries. The first edition was launched in June 2017 with the selection of 33 Young Leaders who were selected by a jury of experts amongst 250 candidates.

Franco British Young Leaders

The cornerstone of the programme was a seminar in London and Cambridge that gave the Young Leaders the opportunity to meet, exchange, share experiences and knowledge, explore diverse areas of excellence and reflect on their application on key topics such as Brexit, global warming or the rise of extremism in Europe. The Franco-British Council supports the programme beyond its annual seminar with a series of events and meetings through the rest of the year.

In a few months, the programme has become a flagship initiative with regard to bilateral relations. Building on its success, the Franco-British Council is working on the 2018 programme with the recruitment of 20 new young leaders who will expand this network of excellence.

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This programme is all about long-term relationships and friendships, and finding out how people approach the common challenges and issues we face as well as the opportunities we have in our two different countries. It’s about opening up our minds to different ways of approaching things, which you know sometimes get very boxed in to your way of working, and your profession. Meeting people from different backgrounds just gives you that perspective.”

Marcie Hopkins, Head of International Office,
The British Library, Young Leader

There can be no time in the last 50 years where these relations are more important than they are today. I hope that, in 40 years time, those young people will still be meeting each other, talking about the issues that are of common interest to our two countries, and learning from each other.”

Baroness Blackstone, Chair Franco-British Council


The recruitment process for the 2018 programme has started. The Franco-British Council is looking for 20 new young leaders in 2018 to join the 33 laureates from the 2017 programme. Candidates are recruited through an online process and selected by a jury of high profile personalities in both countries.

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The Franco-British Young Leaders

They are 33 young leaders coming from different backgrounds on both sides of the Channel who have initiated the Franco-British Young Leaders programme in 2017...

They all share the same goal: to give a new dimension to the Franco-British relations. Focus on these 33 young talents who represent the future of the bilateral relations.

Alexandre Perra 2017 Secrétaire du Comité Exécutif Energy
Amélie Verdier 2017 Directrice du budget, Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances Economy and Finances
Anne Claire Howard 2017 Executive Director, Bettercoal Energy
Anushka Asthana 2017 Political Editor, The Guardian Information & Media
Boris Saragaglia 2017 Fondateur et PDG, Spartoo Business
Calvin Bailey 2017 Pilot-Wing Commander, Royal Air Force Defence
Camille Bonenfant-Jeanneney 2017 Directrice de NewCorp - Administration, ENGIE Energy
Catherine Boullay 2017 Journaliste, Radio France Information & Media
Clément Beaune 2017 Conseiller Europe et G20, Présidence de la République Business
David Mackintosh 2017 Former Member of Parliament, House of Commons Politics
David Wahl 2017 Directeur Général, Scientia Education
Faisal Islam 2017 Political Editor, Sky News Information & Media
Gilles Vanderpooten 2017 Directeur, Reporters d’Espoirs Information & Media
James Dacre 2017 Artistic Director, Royal & Derngate Theatres Arts & Culture
Jean Pascal Sibiet 2017 Président, Franco-British Connections
Jeanne Dubarry de Lassalle 2017 Directrice du développement numérique, Carrefour France Retail
Julien de Saint-Quentin 2017 Officier de Marine, Marine Nationale Defence
Laela Elizabeth Pakpour Tabrizi 2017 Chief Financial Officer, VistaJet Aviation
Marcie Hopkins 2017 Head of International Office,The British Library Arts & Culture
Mathieu Nebra 2017 Co-fondateur et PDG, OpenClassrooms IT
Melissa Bouchard 2017 Cardiology Registrar Science & Medicine
Nicolas Hazard 2017 Fondateur, INCO Economy & Finance
Olivier-Remy Bel 2017 Chef du bureau Union Européenne, Ministère de la Défense
Paul Esmein 2017 Directeur du Cabinet, COVEA Economy & Finance
Raphael Rodriguez 2017 Directeur de recherche, CNRS Innovation & Research
Richard Parks 2017 Extreme Environment Athlete Sports & Environment
Robin Rivaton 2017 PDG, Paris Region Invest Business
Simon Day 2017 Co-Founder, Apptivism
Stephen Parkinson 2017 Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street Politics
Thomas Kitching 2017 Reader in Astrophysics, University College London Innovation & Research
Virginie Duby-Muller 2017 Député de Haute-Savoie, Assemblée Nationale Politics
Zvi Wohlgemuth 2017 Managing Director, Société Générale Banking

Our Partners

A big thank you to all our generous partners who have supported the Young Leaders programme since its creation and thanks to whom we are able to expand it with the preparation of the 2018 programme.

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Private Donors

Jean-Luc Allavena and Jenny & Joseph Oughourlian

Institutional Partners