Entente Cordiale

The Entente Cordiale Scholarship Programme is a prestigious awards scheme that funds British postgraduate students who want to study in France. Funded by the private sector and the French Embassy in London, the scheme provides funding for around 10 British students each year.

The Entente Cordiale Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to experience life on the other side of the channel and widen their horizons. Once they become an Entente Cordiale scholar, they become part of an influential alumni network, the Entente Cordiale Alumni Association, which already numbers over 300 members, and through which they will find strong career development opportunities.

The programme was founded in 1995 by President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister John Major at a summit meeting. In December 2017, the Franco-British Council became the trustee of the Entente Cordiale Scholarship Trust.

Applications are currently closed but will re-open in spring 2021 for the academic year 2021/22. To register your interest please send an email.

ALUMNIWe inform Entente Cordiale alumni about upcoming events. If you are an alumnus, please contact us with details of when you took part and to request updates by sending an email.

For French students looking for scholarship opportunities in the United Kingdom, we advise you to visit this website.