The Franco-British Local Leaders Programme

Alongside the Young Leaders programme, the Franco-British Council piloted an initiative dedicated to supporting the social mobility for young people in both countries: the Franco-British Local Leaders programme.

This programme brings talented individuals aged 20-30 from disadvantaged backgrounds who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial qualities for the benefit of their communities.

The first edition was launched in June 2017 with a promotion of 13 British Local Leaders. Its cornerstone was the first Young Leaders residential seminar during which the Local Leaders met with the Young Leaders and participated in a debate on intercultural intelligence and a challenge on social innovation. This meeting fostered a dialogue on societal issues in both countries. 

Being part of the Local Leaders programme gives young talents access to a high profile international network.

Local Leaders Initiative

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2018 Report
2017 Report

Building on its success, the Franco-British Council expanded the network with the recruitment of 8 French Local Leaders in June 2018. Both 2017 and 2018 Local Leaders cohorts gathered and joined the Young Leaders in Paris on 14 June for the second residential seminar during which they competed in teams to develop and pitch a visionary socially inclusive project to build ties across society between both countries.

The Franco-British Council supports the Local Leaders programme beyond its annual seminar with a series of events and meetings through the year.   

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals from both countries.”

Kheron Kenardo, Local Leaders 2017

The Franco-British Local Leaders

They are 30 Local Leaders (9 in 2019) coming from disadvantaged backgrounds on both sides of the Channel who are now part of the programme. Through creating a business or local political involvement to improve the living conditions of young people, they all created a positive impact on their communities and have a “success story” to tell. They all share the same goal: to develop their impact at an international level.

Focus on these 30 young talents.

Franco British Local Leaders
Abir Msaddek 2019  
Ayoola Bakare 2017  
Emmanuel Kinzonki 2019  
Florence Onabanjo 2019  
James Butcher 2019  
Jo Zell 2019  
Jordan LGustave 2019  
Karim Ziabat 2019  
Mete Coban 2017  
Nadia Khan 2019  
Sarah Adel 2018  
Shayne Tshabalala 2019  
Shwetal Shah 2017  
Sunil Suri 2017  

Our Partners

A big thank you to all our generous partners who have supported the Local Leaders programme since its creation and thanks to whom it will be expanded in 2018.

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