The Franco-British Council provides the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for France in the British Parliament.

The All Party Parliamentary Group has the following officers:

Chair: The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP

President: Sir Bob Neill MP
Vice Chairs: Douglas Chapman MP, Baroness Janke, Ben Lake MP, Tony Lloyd MP, Lord Murphy of Torfaen, John Nicolson MP and Lord Waverley
Secretary: The Rt Hon Lord Touhig
Treasurer: Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer

Members of the All Party Parliamentary Group:

Lord Aberdare
Baroness Altmann
Lord Anderson of Swansea
Tonia Antoniazzi MP
Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom
Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle
Baroness Blackstone
Lord Bowness
Chris Bryant MP
Baroness Buscombe
Dan Carden MP
Lord Chartres
The Rt Hon Lord Davies of Stamford,
Rosie Duffield MP
Lord Dykes
Lord Filkin
Baroness Finlay of Llandaff
Baroness Goudie
Helen Grant MP
Peter Grant MP
Lord Grantchester
Lord Hamilton of Epsom
Sir Oliver Heald KC MP
Adam Holloway MP
Rachel Hopkins MP
Fay Jones MP
Lord Kennedy of Southwark
Lord Kinnoull
Baroness Lawlor
The Rt Hon Sir Edward Leigh MP
Lord Lilley
Mark Logan MP
Jonathan Lord MP
Angus Brendan MacNeil MP
Alan Mak MP
Julie Marson MP
Baroness McIntosh of Pickering
Anna McMorrin MP
Lord McNally
Baroness Meyer
Andrew Mitchell MP
Andrew Murrison MP
Baroness Neville-Jones
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
Lord Northbrook
Chi Onwurah MP
Lord Porter of Spalding
Baroness Randerson
Steve Reed OBE MP
Lord Ricketts
Lord Risby
Virendra Sharma MP
Lord Sherbourne of Disbury
David Simmonds MP
Baroness Smith of Newnham
Lord Taylor of Holbeach
Lord Tebbit
Lord Triesman
Lord Wallace of Saltaire
Lord Wasserman
Lord Watson of Invergowrie
Baroness Wheatcroft